Thursday, May 12, 2011

The dreaded "middle"

And no, I'm not talking about my muffin top.

As a writer, the hardest part isn't getting started.  I've got plenty of idea flying around in my brain, and getting a new manuscript going is as easy as jotting down some ideas in the middle of the night during a bathroom run.

And finishing the story isn't that bad, either.  Usually, once I know how things are going to start, I'm pretty sure how they're going to end.  So once I write the beginning, I write the end.  Easy enough, right?

That's when the dreaded white space of death hits.  Now I have to make the beginning meet up with the end in a cohesive, entertaining way.  I have to create the subplots that will make the plot move forward.  And I have to move things around, changing the order to create a story that makes sense.  That's where I am with my WIP, and it kills me.  Every time.  So instead of working on my WIP, I'm polishing my already-polished manuscript, I'm querying like a madwoman, and I'm checking my writing email account every five minutes, just in case a rejection might have come in.

So here it is.  I do so solemnly swear that this afternoon, after lunch, I will work on my WIP.  I will come up with 1000 words.  And I won't complain about it.

Yeah, right.

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