Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Constructive Criticism

I've had a couple of rejections come back with constructive criticism.  Now I've got to figure out what to do with them.  The two criticisms were different.  Do I take both and change my manuscript?  Do I just wait and see what other agents have to say and change then?  Or do I leave my manuscript as it is, and wait to get representation before making any changes?

I'm taking a class on the debut novel, and so far have gotten nothing but raves about my manuscript.  This makes me reluctant to change.  Well, I'm reluctant to change anyway, but that just reinforces my general predisposition.

What would you do?  Would you change or leave the same?  I'm interested to hear what others have done in this situation, so please leave comments.

For now, I think I'm going to wait to hear about my other submissions that are out there.  I like what I've written and want to leave it for now.  Is that so wrong?

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  1. well, step one for me would be to sit on the changes for a week or two, to try and remove any emotions i might have. Then, once that's done, i'd try to look at them objectively. Would it make the piece stronger? Then i'd make the changes. If i had time, i'd make the chnages and see how they turn out. If i don't like them, i'd revert back to the older version.
    I hope that helps!