Thursday, August 25, 2011

The worst part of the writing game...

... is the waiting.  I feel like I've been waiting for responses from agents and editors for months.  And it's because I have.  Here's how the game goes:

1.  Write a book.
2.  Write a query.
3.  Send said query to thoroughly researched agents.
4.  Wait.
5.  Wait some more.
6.  Wait for it...
7.  Either a rejection or a request arrives.  If it's a rejection, file it away.  If it's a request, send the material.
8.  Wait.
9.  Wait some more...

You get the picture.  The worst part about it is, there's no one to blame.  The agents and editors are slammed with work.  They've got clients with whom they're working, they've got submissions to read, and they've got the slush pile (that's unsolicited query letters to the non-writer folk out there) to wade.  While I think it would be fun to read as much as agents read, I get that it could get really old, really quickly.

So what does one do when waiting?  Well, I've got my day job.  I've got children with whom I can play. And I've got another baby: my work-in-progress.  I've added a couple thousand words a day for the past week, and it's starting to really shape up.  I might even come up with a plot instead of just characters soon.  It certainly beats staring at the computer screen.


  1. lol I totally agree. Waiting SUCKS!! But while you wait, write! Do another round of editing, write a short story, start on the next book, do some Beta reading, whatever. It helps fill the void. :)

  2. I do a lot of beta reading while I'm waiting. The more people I can have comment on my novel the better I can make it. And if I'm editing someone else's work, I'm learning how to improve my own at the same time, which helps me when I'm working on my WIP. Then once I finish my WIP, I can edit and query some more! It's one big continuing cycle and it never ends. Thank goodness I enjoy it. : )

  3. I edit, enter contests and do challenges while I wait. not to mention send a few more queries, improve the query and send more...i hate waiting!

    nice to meet you from the campaign!

  4. Hi Nikki, Just popping in to say hello from the campaign. I am in the same group as you (adult fiction (all genres) 4.

  5. Hi Nikki: came over on the campaign. This is a great post--so very true. I've been here. The things that helped me too were my daughter and writing something new. But I know how excruciating it can be!

  6. You're so right about the waiting. I usually start writing the next MSS while waiting, or work on my non-fic books. I'm also putting together some ebooks. The first two have done nicely, just have to market them more.

    Anyway, wanted to come say hi from the Campaign. From a fellow thriller writer.