Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I CAN say no!

So can someone tell me how in the hell I ended up with five bags of clothes, empty containers of Dairy Queen, and a time share in the Dominican Republic?

I really can say no.  I did it today, in fact.  I said no to my daughter when she wanted a dress three sizes too big just because it was white satin and looked like a wedding dress.  I said no to the lady at Kohl's who wanted to me to sign up for yet another credit card in order to get 20% off.  And I said no to going to Target to do yet more shopping.  (Aren't five bags of clothing enough?)

But that's small potatoes.  The time share?  That's huge.  But I fully blame my husband for not saying no to my begging.  After all, don't we need a place in the Caribbean to go when life gets to be too much?

Looks like my main character is going to be going to the Dominican Republic for a medical missions trip.  I need the tax write off!


  1. Will he/she be taking five bags of clothes? Ooh, for nefarious purposes per chance? :)

  2. LOL, she's slender but I don't think she'd shop at the Children's Place or Justice. Unless maybe she's buying for her mentoree... Now that's a thought!