Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sentimental on the slopes

I just got back from a weekend in Cincinnati, and we spent a couple of hours today at Perfect North.  I must be getting old, because such a simple activity has made me all sentimental inside.

First, I am amazed at how my oldest daughter did.  This was her second time on skis, and she only fell down twice while she was skiing with us.  I'm not sure how she did during her lesson, since I was shushing it up on a blue, but the teacher said they were able to work on stopping.  I assume that means she was able to go.  While riding the ski lift, my brother and I saw a father with his daughter in the moguls, and the little girl was putting her father to shame.  I had visions of our daughters doing jumps and snowboarding.  I'm not ready for them to grow up.

Second, I am amazed at all of the aches and pains I have developed.  My knees hurt while I was simply riding the ski lift.  Now, my neck and back are aching, and my IT bands are tight as a drum.  While skiing, I couldn't help but look at all of the different types of helmets, and was often thinking of Sonny Bono and Natasha Richardson.

All in all, I guess I just got a huge dose of my own mortality today.  Time to live life to the fullest.  And I am more than happy that my daughter just said, "Mom, I had a great time this weekend, but it sure is nice to be home."  I couldn't agree more.

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