Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ten Things about Me

I was nominated to do this 10 Things thing going around the internet by Lisa L Regan.  According to her post, I'm supposed to tell you ten things you might not know about me, and nominate a few other bloggers to do the same thing.  So without much further ado:

1.  My children are the greatest accomplishment of my life.  I went through hell to have them (infertility treatments, surgeries, and in vitro fertilization) and wouldn't change a minute of it.

2.  I was in an improvisational comedy group in college, called Just Add Water.  Yes, I was funny at one point in my life.  On a side note, we chose not to bring Demetri Martin into our group.  Yes, THAT Demetri Martin. The stand up comic with his own show on Comedy Central.  Good choice, no?

3.  When I was running for class president my senior year of high school, I wore a sandwich board depicting a giant duck asking for votes.  And I won.  Probably no thanks to the duck board.

4.  I love all kinds of music.  Classical, hard rock, country, rap, it doesn't matter.  If it's got a beat, I'm down with it.

5.  I can play piano, harpsichord, and pipe organ.  Unfortunately, I don't play them well anymore.

6.  I can't stand white sauce.  Alfredo sauce, sour cream, cream cheese, ranch salad dressing all earn a big "yucko" from me.

7.  I like banana flavored things, but can't stand bananas.  It's the texture, people.

8.  I broke my left arm when I was four.  I tripped over my own feet and fell down a hill.  My parents thought I was fine, until I woke up the next day with a giant, purple wrist.  I still remind my mom of her neglect on a regular basis.

9.  I found our current house while driving my sleeping child around in the car.  I didn't care that gas was almost 4 dollars a gallon.  She only slept while I drove, so drove I did.  I saw the house and fell in love with it, before I'd even seen the inside.  I hope I never have to move again.

10.  I hurt my knee wearing stiletto heels and dancing.  Apparently, grace is not my strong suit.

And now, to the people I'd personally like to learn more about.

Gennifer Albin

Sarah Ahiers

Melinda Williams

Meika Usher

Hope you all join in the fun!  I certainly enjoyed it, though it was difficult to come up with ten semi-interesting things.  Did I succeed?  Comment if you'd like!


  1. It was really great to learn more about you. I'm sorry you went through so much to have your kids but I'm glad you succeeded. I feel the same way about my daughter--in terms of her being my crowning achievement. That is a really cool story about finding your house!!!

  2. Hey, this was awesome! And thanks!

    As soon as my competition closes up, I can get back to all this fun normal blogging. :)

    BTW, wanted to let you know this round of the competition is ending in just a couple days! I don't think I've seen a VOTE from you. You get to vote for your top three!

    Thanks so much for participating. It's been lots of fun!

  3. NUMBER SEVEN. O_O Thank you! I feel so validated!